The new Canon imagePROGRAF TX series can process CAD data, including HP-GL/2 – up to twice the speed of previous models thanks to the incredibly powerful dual Canon L-COA PRO processors built into every printer in the range, leading to tangible productivity gains that mean less time spent waiting at the printer and more time designing and generating business for your customers.

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Canon developed the original L-COA chip specifically for large format printers in order to process high-volume image data at high speed, while simultaneously controlling the image processing and printer functions, and still output incredible high-definition prints.  An amazing feat of engineering developed entirely in-house based on Canon’s heritage in producing image processing engines for scanners, printers and our vast range of photographic equipment.

The dual L-COA PRO does all of this, with rendering capabilities that are at up to twice as fast of their predecessors. The imagePROGRAF TX series is truly a real-time 
and money saver.

Check out the TX Series Introduction Video Here: