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The experts at Buyers Lab/Keypoint Intelligence have recently been busy pitting the PRO-4000 against HP’s new Z9 model and as always the tests have been intense.

Well the waiting is over and the results are in!

Canon are proud to say that once again the imagePROGRAF reigns supreme when pitted against the best that the competition have to offer.

“superior image quality”
“lower ink consumption”
“a clear speed advantage”
“better fine lines”
“natural-looking, smoother skin tones”
And much, much more…

  • The Canon unit prints borderless on all media without the need for a trimmer, so the prints are at the full media width and no paper is wasted.
  • The PRO-4000 has a built in colour calibration tool, once calibrated the results can also be shared across the whole PRO series, no need to calibrate every machine, no spectrophotometer required.
  • Canon’s unidirectional printing eliminates banding (even in Fast mode).
  • The Canon utilises hot-swap inks for non-stop printing.
  • Canon’s additional roll unit doubles as a take-up reel as standard.
  • Unlike the HP Z9, the Canon model did not experience nozzle clogging when switched off over a weekend, however the HP model required a head clean to get it back in the game, using up valuable time and expensive ink.

Overall advantage…Canon!

Canon imagePROGRAF – Unbeatable technology with incredible results.

New world record -imagePROGRAF PRO-6100
Canon Professional Print & Layout software

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