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Hot on the heels of Canon’s own comparison tests (results seen in Did You Know? #194) Keypoint Intelligence/Buyers Lab recently tested, scrutinised and appraised these two powerful multifunction solutions. We are proud to say that the Canon product has now been independently verified as being the superior option.

  • Straightforward operation via the new touchscreen.
  • Far better print and copy quality.
  • Significantly faster print, scan, copy and banner production.
  • Superior driver features.
  • Hot-swap inks to reduce downtime when replacing empties.
  • Print runs resume when paper is replaced, rather than cancelling and restarting.
  • Crisp and distinct fine lines and graphics.

All of these things and more enabled the TM-300 MFP to outperform the HP T830MFP. And let’s not overlook the superior photo image quality of the TM series, evermore important to your customers when generating plans that incorporate photographs and renders, as well as making them the ideal “all-rounder” for education, offices and copyshops too.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Incredible products with endless possibilities.

HP T830 MFP vs Canon TM-300 L36ei
Canon PRO-2000 or Epson SC-P7000

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TM-300 L36ei MFP vs HP T830 MFP - The BLI report

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