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A Croatian professional diver named Budimir Buda Šobat, smashed his own record for holding his breath underwater, setting a new World record of 24 minutes and 33 seconds…in the same amount of time you can scan-to-copy over 730 feet of A0 colour CAD drawings on the new Canon TX-3100 Z36 MFP. Isn’t that incredible? Over 730 feet in less than 25 minutes. But how does that stack up against the competition?

The HP T2530 MFP for example, will complete a mere 365 feet over that period of time, less than half that of the Canon solution. The new Canon TX-3100 Z36 could more than double your productivity.

If you were hoping to get the same performance from your HP…you shouldn’t hold your breath!

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Canon TX+Z36 MFP productivity

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