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Canon imagePROGRAF incorporate the World’s highest level of inkjet printing technology, they are the ideal tool for generating beautiful photos, mind-blowing posters or banners and ultra-precise CAD
drawings, but they’re also capable of so much more. Forgery for example…well, not quite.

Sometimes works of art and artefacts are just too fragile to be displayed for long periods of time so it’s necessary to create very precise reproductions in order for future generations to appreciate them while the originals are preserved.

A great example is the work that Canon and the Kyoto Cultural Association have been involved in for a number of years. Copying delicate Japanese items donated from temples, shrines and museums from across the globe and creating incredibly detailed replicas of Japan’s most treasured cultural artwork.*

Captured by Canon technology, printed by Canon technology, and indistinguishable from the original. Isn’t that amazing?

So next time you’re visiting a museum or art gallery, ask yourself…is it real, or is it Canon?

Canon EOS and imagePROGRAF – Because nobody does it better.

Canon driver update for Mojave

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Canon history in the making

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