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In terms of data processing, the new imagePROGRAF TM series’ enhanced data processing capabilities make it two times faster than the older iPF models. This increased processing power enables the new TM-300 and TM-305 to complete an A1 drawing in about 21 seconds and an incredible 144 pages of continuous A1 prints every hour!

Let’s analyse that further. The value of ink used to complete that 144 page print run of the industry standard test image* is a measly £30…roughly the same price that you could currently be paying for only a handfull of prints from a local printshop.

Within a few weeks or months of purchase, a TM-300/305 would have paid for itself and you would be in clear profit thereafter. Isn’t that incredible?

Canon imagePROGRAF – Affordable, effortless, speed and precision.

Canon PRO-2000 or Epson SC-P7000
A look behind the scenes of the Canon TX development

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