Summer is past us and winter is here, which means that it has come to time of the year where you should consider re-calibrating your printers. This is because the seasonal change in temperature and humidity may cause the colour representation to change slightly and to ensure the best and exacting results time after time, calibration becomes essential at this time of year.

Canon have recognised how important it is to obtain the same fantastic results time after time, so they developed and integrated a very easy to use and clever colour calibration feature into the Canon imagePROGRAF graphics machines to compensate for those changes.

Executing a colour calibration operation from the printer control panel will firstly get the printer to print out a test pattern. This is then automatically read by the printer sensor to instantly set the correct colour values. It really couldn’t be easier. On the PRO-Series printers for example, simply tap ‘Maintenance’ on the LCD screen, then tap ‘Colour Calibration’ and then ‘Auto Adjust’. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm and sit back and relax and let the printer do the rest!


In just a few minutes, the whole process will be complete and you can be sure that your prints remain faithful to the original artistic vision. Of course, it is best to repeat this action again once the season has changed once again and the weather starts to get really hot and humid.

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