The how to Batch Print CAD Drawings, Photo’s and documents to your Canon Large format Printers stress free with the Free software called “Canon Direct Print and Share”

Explaining the features of the Free Canon Direct Print & Share software that is available to download for the Canon range of imagePROGRAF printers.


Know your options, batch printing made simple!

We love saving time, set your printer and document print settings once and drag and drop to print multiple documents with the same settings and be on time for your meeting without the stress.

Save those valuable settings as a shortcut, then drag and drop forever.

Instruction on Poster Artist

Instruction on  Direct Print & Share

Instruction on the Accounting Manager

Instructions for using the Free Canon Layout Tool

Advanced instruction on the Canon printer driver

Basic instruction on the Canon printer driver

• A Brief Overview of the Software and features of the Graphic Arts Machines

• A simple guide on how and why to use the Photoshop Plug In

• Overview of the Microsoft Office Plug in Software that can be used with the CAD printers