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Over the Last three years we’ve welcomed many new readers to Canon: Did You Know and the numbers are still growing. Unfortunately those that have missed previous issues are coming across competitive arguments that they may not be equipped to answer, so please forgive us for republishing this particular favourite!

The Canon TX and TM series can print from all modern Adobe applications including Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign with stunning detail and line accuracy, handling Pdf’s with complex layers with ease. The Canon hardware and software work in tandem to interpret files without the need for a costly PostScript upgrade, making your customer’s budget go further and offering class-leading value for money in the Large Format Printer market.

Admittedly there are a few customers that haven’t yet upgraded their older native PostScript applications such as Quark express in favour of more modern Adobe applications, but they are few and far between and continue to pay those expensive license fees, even though most are probably just printing Pdf documents.

Pdf files of all sizes can be printed with extreme precision on the Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers, with multiple options available for job submission:

  • Via the top-mounted USB port for direct print from a memory stick
  • Via FTP File Direct Print for remote printing scenarios
  • Via the Windows or Mac Drivers
  • Using Canon’s Direct Print & Share batch printing tool that provides easy submission of multiple jobs, and even desktop ‘hot folder’ style shortcuts to minimize time spent setting up print jobs.

In a recent sales guide, one manufacturer claimed that layered PDF files could not be printed on a Canon TX…….We’re happy to say that we have proved that wrong time and time again by printing via Canon’s free Direct Print & Share utility with fantastic results, proving once again that the Canon imagePROGRAF series really are the superior machines!

Canon imagePROGRAF – simple, reliable and precise Pdf prints…every time.

Canon My Printer software
Canon Professional Print and Layout tool (PP&L) – Trimming made easy

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