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In recent tests, Keypoint Intelligence (BLI) reported that the Canon imagePROGRAF TX-3100 produced superior CAD drawings, however both produced very good monochrome prints with smooth greyscales and good detailing in the light contrast areas.

But many CAD drawings come with graphic representations of the final product, and what about posters, point of sale, maps, etc? For all of those you need realistic and vibrant COLOUR! Beautiful images that catch the eye, spark the imagination and fire up the emotions.

Keypoint’s test proved that with consistantly bright, natural looking colours and contrast, and even great metallic representations, the TX-3100 easily outshone the T1600dr which produced flat, grainy prints that lacked vibrancy. The Canon machine printed warm, natural looking skin tones, whereas the HP skin tones were slightly magenta. Images from the HP were also pale and lacked contrast, even in Best mode!

So if you’re looking for a great, all-round, higher-volume A0 printer, then look no further than the TX-3100. The winning choice for stunning CAD and Graphics prints.

You can download the full report here (pdf 6.0mb)

Canon imagePROGRAF – Imaging at its finest

Poster and banner printing (Canon TX vs HP T)
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HP T1600dr vs Canon TX 3100

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