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Do you have a question about the HP T520 when looking for an inexpensive solution to your CAD and poster requirements? When it comes to economy, the price of the box and the cost of ownership can be two very different things. Let’s quickly compare some facts and figures with those of the Canon TM-300.

Free stuff is good!
Straight out of the box, the Canon machine is supplied with 490ml of ink, compared to the HP’s 167ml… that’s nearly three times more free ink from Canon, resulting in hundreds more free prints for your customer!

HP T520 or Canon TM-300 - 3 times more ink

Time is money!
The TM-300 can print 5 x A1 landscape CAD drawings in less than 3 minutes, all stacked neatly for use. The T520 takes over 5 minutes for the same job and the prints are dropped randomly into a catch basket for customers to gather and sort out later.

HP T520 or Canon TM-300 - Canon printer quicker

Feed me!
Inks will need replacing…that’s a fact. But when it comes to feeding the printer, nobody should have to purchase replacement inks more often than is genuinely necessary. The TM-300’s ability to accept 130ml ink tanks and 300ml size tanks dramatically reduces the frequency of replacement when compared to owning a T520.

The TM-300 inks are also hot-swapable, so they can be replaced while still printing. The T520 cancels the job when the ink runs out, wasting your customer’s valuable time, ink and paper until they’re replaced.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Stress free savings, straight out of the box.

Canon outdoor media solutions
Merry Christmas from Canon

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HP T520 or Canon TM-300

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