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Traditionally, when printing intricate geographical data or drawings with extremely large amounts of raster data (eg: multiple photos) via AutoCAD, some users have found that portions of their work, or entire images, could be omitted from the final print.

Not an issue when using a Canon imagePROGRAF!

Developed with support from Autodesk, the Canon imagePROGRAF AutoCAD-Optimised Printer Driver remedies this by controlling the memory used in image processing and optimises the raster data processing resolution, so that even data-heavy images can be printed reliably.

If you already have AutoCAD installed and you can add a Canon imagePROGRAF printer, this print module will install automatically. However, if you have installed AutoCAD after installing the printer, you should download the AutoCAD Optimised Printer Driver from the Canon support pages here…

Just one more example of the huge collection of really useful free stuff from Canon!

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Auto CAD optimised Printer Driver

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