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Award-winning landscape photographer Andy Farrer has always been a fan of printing his own work, but when he had to outsource larger work than his Epson A2 printer could produce, he found that the prints were decidedly better quality than his own.

Keen to discover how his printed images had been improved, Andy found that the prints came from a Canon Wide Format machine. After taking in a Canon PRO-2000 for trial and review, he was so impressed that he purchased a 44” PRO-4000 and 17” PRO-1000 for cut sheet work, outright, and set up a printing studio to add a profitable new revenue stream to his photography business.

For Andy, the Canon printers have brought a whole host of benefits such as improving print quality, lowering printing costs and making the whole printing process quicker and easier, with great features such as zero-waste black ink switching

“If, like me, you print on both glossy/lustre and matt/fine art papers, it used to mean printing in batches to minimize wasting ink, which in reality is an utter pain”, “…the PRO Series doesn’t waste a single drop of ink when switching from photo black to matt black…”

Please take the time to read the attached review, maybe you’ll be interested in how Andy Farrer discovered that his amazing photographs could be printed just how he envisaged they should be?

Canon imagePROGRAF – The Professional’s Choice!

Canon imagePROGRAF Incredible Printhead Technology
Draft/Fast mode printing

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canon case study - andy farrer

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