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Sometimes, you’d like to print a test copy or “draft” of your work before committing to a final version, just to make sure that the layout on the page is correct. As it’s just a test, you don’t need deep/vibrant colour…after all, why would you want to waste ink on a print that you’re about to put in the bin?

Thankfully, the Canon imagePROGRAF draft mode (also known as Fast mode) uses no more ink than is necessary to produce the test print. Once you’re satisfied that the test is good, you can print a “real” copy in full and glorious colour, safe in the knowledge that you’ve not wasted valuable ink on a test that was consigned to the recycling bin only seconds earlier. Isn’t that great?

So there you have it, if your printer produces vivid detailed drafts, you’re probably spending far more per print than is necessary.

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