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Whatever you’re printing, accuracy is key. After all, who wants images that are “OK” or “Close Enough”?

Canon really do understand the importance of getting it right without exception. Less wasted time, less wasted consumables and materials, that’s why the Canon imagePROGRAF printhead is so advanced, so that it can guarantee fast, accurate prints every time.

Using a beam of light, every single ink droplet is registered as it is ejected, and at roughly 30 million drops per second that’s an incredible feat of engineering. But that’s not all, if it sees that one drop hasn’t been ejected, it will immediately compensate by using another nozzle…isn’t that mind-blowing?

Canon imagePROGRAF – Perfection every time

Canon Professional Print and Layout tool (PP&L) – Trimming made easy
Canon case study – Be like Andy

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